Project Structure

Task 1.1 State-of-the-Art and Requirements Analysis

Task 1.2 SILICOFCM Specification

Task 1.3 SILICOFCM Reference Architecture

Task 2.1 Protein and cell data

Task 2.2 Physiological experiments

Task 2.3 Imaging acquisition data

Task 3.1 Retrospective clinical study

Task 3.2 Prospective clinical study

Task 3.3 Genetic testing

Task 4.1 Construction of the Reference Graph Genome of cardiomyopathy

Task 4.2 Development of the bioinformatics processing pipeline for the targeted sequencing panel

Task 4.3 Development of the variant annotation pipeline with the appropriate data

Task 4.4 Development of Cardiomyopathy Risk Stratification System

Task 5.1 Upgrade MUSICO platform

Task 5.2 Upgrade FE biomechanical simulation

Task 5.3 Linking bioinformatics and MUSICO

Task 5.4 Linking MUSICO and FE biomechanical simulation

Task 6.1 Development of virtual patients models repository

Task 6.2 Generation and visualization of virtual heart FCM cohorts

Task 6.3 Predictive modeling using data mining algorithms

Task 6.4 Testing, evaluation, model validation and optimization

Task 7.1 Integration in the cloud platform

Task 7.2 Design and implement standard interconnection between systems

Task 7.3 Refinement

Task 7.4 Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM)

Task 8.1 Development workflow assistant for EMA/FDA approval

Task 8.2 Set up R&D computation pipelines for drug testing

Task 8.3 Interface drug database

Task 8.4 Development report tool

Task 9.1 Website, video, flyers, social networking

Task 9.2 Connection to industry and external representation

Task 9.3 Exploitation Plan

Task 9.4 Business Plan & Business Model

Task 10.1 Knowledge Management

Task 10.2 Administrative Consortium Management

Task 10.3 Scientific and Technical Coordination

Task 10.4 Risk Management